Sherri is a nationally known expert on generational motivation and its impacts in our workplace. She helps people increase their generational quotient and reduce the misunderstandings that abound with four generations in the workplace together.

Sherri has published over eighty articles on strategy, marketing and coaching in which she simplifies complex concepts for busy professionals. She regularly demonstrates her expertise as an executive coach, one-on-one with CEOS, business owners and executive directors. She is an expert facilitator and presenter credited with over 250 seminars.

Sherri's diverse professional background includes customer service, operations, administration, sales, marketing and strategic planning. She has acquired the cross-departmental expertise to see client challenges from a number of angles.

Sherri earned a Master in Business Administration degree with an emphasis on Strategic Planning from Pepperdine University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Youngstown State University, magna cum laude. At California Miramar University, Sherri teaches strategic management for the Master's of Business Administration Strategy Capstone course.

She teaches Leader & Corporate Development Strategy, Coaching & Consulting, Negotiations & Conflict Solutions, Enterprise Strategy & Strategic Partners, Human Resources Strategy Development & Management, Strategy & Enterprise Culture.