For many years, Prof. Vinh has been a senior Advisor in Asia for many projects of World Bank including China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia, Laos, etc…

Prof.  Vinh  has  completed  his  Master’s  program  and  Doctoral  Fellowship  at  Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Washington, D.C. (1976- 1978) and Catholic University of America (1983) respectively.  In 1981, Prof. Vinh was awarded a three-year Ph.D. Fellowship by the US National Institutes of Health. He  has  been  subsequently recommended  by  several US Senators,  Congressmen,  and  government  officials  for  a  Presidential  Special Assistant  position and served as political appointee in the first Reagan-Bush administration.

Prof. Vinh is President cum CEO of Stellar Management Corporation and Dean of Executive Education & Training – Vietnam, California Miramar University, San Diego, CA., USA.

Prof. Vinh teaches: Leader and Corporate Development Strategy, Coaching & Consulting, Restructure Management Large Enterprises & Public Enterprises, Enterprise Strategy and Strategic Partner, Domestic & Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategy & Enterprise Culture.