The program is applied parts of curriculum of Master of Business Administration by California Miramar University.

Time is more precious than gold, for the entrepreneurs and managers. Meanwhile, the pressure of work requires them to keep learning efforts to cultivate the knowledge and skills. Therefore, they tend to choose the courses condensed but still sufficient knowledge necessary to be able to understand and apply to business practices.

Professional Training for Executive Management (Mini MBA) is an effetive solution for this demand. The businessmen can update the newest knowlwdge on business administration and learn the management skill professionally with little time.

Besides, this course helps to build the image of successful entrepreneur according to international standard via extra activitities such as “personal branding and etiquette, international culture exchange, public speaking and presentation skills”.

The connection and closed relation among the participants of the course including members of management boards; chairmen/ women; financial and investment enterprises home and abroad will make the good condition to develop the unique partnership relation for each individual and business.

Our program faculty includes international lecturers, trainers, experts, specialists who are both academics and working professionals in their respected fields, coming from California Miramar University (CMU); Asia Pacific Region and well- known Vietnamese doctors and professors.

Documents and textbooks of the course were authorized by McGraw Hill organization, the world’s largest publisher and translated into Vietnamese.

The participants after completed the program can join in the course and visit to USA, Europe, Asian meeting the international investment partners and having a good chance to exchange the experiences with the international expert.

Training center is located in the lecture rooms, meeting rooms of 3-4 stars hotel with full of facilities for an international executive course.