The Master of Business Administration program prepares students with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand, manage or create financial, business and leadership careers at the upper level of management. This program also provides the tools for business and leadership professionals to develop knowledge, attitudes and skill sets that will equip them to perform effectively, ethically and creatively in the corporate or entrepreneurial environment.

*Think about an MBA degree program if:

  • You already own or run a business, but need more skill and credibility for dealing with lenders, investors, and customers.
  • You are creative and enjoy thinking and learning of better ways to do things.
  • You are intellectually curious, interested in solving business problems.
  • You enjoy taking risks to achieve your goals.
  • You have natural leadership skills and are not afraid to take charge of a situation.
  • You like debate, negotiation and the decision- making process.
  • You like working with people and being part of a team.
  • You want to develop your network of contacts.
  • You want to gain the skills to start and run a business.
  • You want to learn how to manage within the technical or artistic field in which you are already employed.

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MBA Curriculum

You must successfully complete the 39 credit hours outlined below:

Required Core Courses

27 Semester Credit Hours

Emphasis Courses

12 Semester Credit Hours

Total Master of Business Administration

39 Semester Credit Hours

MBA Required Core Courses

Course No.


Credit Hours

MIS 6110

Management Information Systems


MKT 6120

Marketing Management


ORG 6130

Organizational Behavior


ACC 6140

Managerial Accounting


ECO 6150

Managerial Economics


FIN 6160

Managerial Finance


MGT 6170

Operations Management


HRM 6180

Human Resource Management


BUS 6190

Business Strategy Capstone



MIS 6110 Management Information Systems

Focuses on providing an understanding of the nature of the digital firm and its key issues in organization and management. This course will prepare students to face the challenges involved in managing a firm, understand problem solving technologies, design business processes, and create management policies in order to implement change.

(3 credit hours)

MKT 6120 Marketing Management (Prerequisites: BUS 5212 or equivalent)

Explores the processes and concepts of marketing from a managerial perspective. The course will analyze marketing tools, market research, and competitor and consumer analysis. Offers a study of the relationship between the marketing mix, the changing business environment and the overall corporate strategy.

(3 credit hours)

ORG 6130 Organizational Behavior

The topics covered in this course enlighten the student on the complex relationships that are present among individuals, groups, organizations and society. This course emphasizes a dynamic systems approach to the understanding of work relationships through the study of individual needs and abilities in reference to organizational goals and structure.

(3 credit hours)

ACC 6140 Managerial Accounting (Prerequisites: BUS 5210 or equivalent)

Offers an in depth study of economic theory and practice, including international and national policy and decision-making. Also introduces the foundations of economic reasoning, central key terms, income, trade and concepts of economic analysis.

(3 credit hours)

ECO 6150 Managerial Economics (Prerequisites: BUS 5213 or equivalent)

Topics include basic supply and demand theory, marginal analysis, the impact of the market setting (i.e., competitive, oligopolistic or monopolistic structures), and strategic interactions among firms using Game Theory. The main emphasis throughout is on the use of economic reasoning to make informed business decisions.

(3 credit hours)

FIN 6160 Managerial Finance (Prerequisites: BUS 5210 and BUS 5211 or equivalent)

This course introduces the theory of corporate finance and its application to realistic problems in corporate financial management. Integrates various aspects of production, marketing, management, accounting, capital markets hypothesis, capital structure and dividends.

(3 credit hours)

MGT 6170 Operations Management (Prerequisites: BUS 5214 or equivalent)

Presents the scientific methods used to investigate concerns involving the designing, planning and conducting of operations within an organization. Mathematical methods of operations research are stressed. Topics studied include linear programming, decision analysis, mathematical programming, inventory theory, forecasting, and Markov decision processes.

(3 credit hours)

HRM 6180 Human Resource Management

Provides a management-oriented exploration of human resource management, structure, functional applications, and labor management relations. Based upon classical and contemporary theory, this course forms a humanistic and legal analysis of organizations, focusing on the role of human resource management in the creation of organizational strategy. Examines a leader's responsibility to optimize performance and make decisions based on ethical criteria.

(3 credit hours)

MGT 6190 Strategic Management Capstone (Prerequisites: BUS 5214 or equivalent)

This course is designed to examine problem analysis and decision making involved in corporate strategy. Students will learn how to develop mission statements, and assess both the external and internal environments in order to determine organizational strengths and weaknesses. This course will also include analyses of the following: various methods for formulating and implementing strategy, issues with technology and innovation, entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, competition, core competencies, and gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage at the corporate level. This MBA capstone course is broad in scope and integrative of all other required courses.

(3 credit hours)